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Alealam Nujum Co. L.L.C _ Utopian Trip

904 Utopian Trip, Floor19, City Tower2, Dubai, UAE

Phone: + 97 15 0940 1685

Email: [email protected]


Having run a successful tourism and technology business for more than two decades, the Alealam Nujum company (Utopian Trip), headquartered in Dubai, has incorporated as a technology and knowledge base service company targeting software development and communication technology systems for hospitality and tourism industry. All types of travelers and tourism service providers can benefit from our B2C and B2B travel services. Today, our skilled team of more than 200 professionals and travel enthusiast, handpicked by the CEOs, enjoys a strong reputation and is well-established and esteemed in the travel industry. We aim to create innovative products and services that will meet the needs of our clients and end customers.

With development and prosperity of online tourism, expanding services and activities of our company in other places was felt, and as the first step our company developed its international activities into the Iraq market. Following its successful experience in Iraq, our company stepped into Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Thailand, and Turkish tourism market, and currently we are working hand in hand with our partners aiming to be a leader in the industry and providing excellent customer experience. At present, for the purpose of establishing business collaborations with other Persian Gulf countries, we are working on expanding our market into Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Utopian Trip in Numbers

Over 1000 Confirmed Booking per Month
We provide travel services to over 1000 guests monthly! With our rapid growth and development, this number is increasing every day!

Over 400 Excursions and Activities
we offer various excursions and private and group tour activities in Dubai, Turkey, …

Over 1000 hotels, holiday homes and apartments
We offer various hotel categories globally for all travelers!

Over 500,000 AED Turnover since 2024
Our financial power is strong!

Over 100 Hotels Room/Nights
From the day we opened our doors, we have grown to include an extensive hotel portfolio, holiday villas, apartments, …

Utopian Trip Vision & Mission

Our vision is to e-Development of hospitality sector while making an unlimited connected world relying on human ingenuity, advanced technological innovations, and redefining business in the current competitive market.

Our Mission is to develop and extend global partnerships to meet all customer expectations, adapting to industry trends and seeking new opportunities for investment and expansion. Besides, we strive to develop a brand that meets every travel need by cultivating partnerships, incorporating innovative technology, and delivering experiences that prioritize the well-being of all customers.

As a software development and travel service provider company in this industry, our target market is going to be all types of travelers, travel and tourism companies mainly dealing with reservation processes and interested in technology and other tech-related information, products, and services. It also can target government agencies while providing the database system in order to add efficiency to government operations.

The company’s main strategy is to develop sophisticated systems and applications for hoteliers, travel companies and large corporations, travel agencies, and tour operators to help them integrate their operations, advance their customer experience, improve their business performance and enhance their marketing strategies in this highly competitive industry.

Our Unique Pillars

We provide our clients with outstanding services that deliver premium value.

Business Transparency 
Trust is the cornerstone of our successful personal and business dealings.

Innovation and Creativity
Our team in Utopian Trip do their best to develop and implement unique technologies and ideas to increase quality of services offering and enhance our clients and guests experience.

Passion for success
This is just more than a job for Utopian Trip team. A memorable and enjoyable travel experience for our guests is at the heart of what we do.

Our Services

Your success is our success! 

Custom Software Development
Across any taste, we offer special packages to increase your efficiency and market exposure.

Dedicated Development Team
Our team work exclusively on your company, assisting and developing systems that cater your business unique requirements.

We offer on-demand, dependable support when problems arise with your system.

Network Support & Maintenance
We are engaged in modernization your entire reservation system and institutionalize a structured approach to managing your entire IT ecosystem.


Retail and Wholesale Travel and Tourism Services & Web Services
We offer B2C & B2B travel services to all travel service providers relying on our exclusive technology (GRS) implementing on their websites or booking systems

Additionally, among the above specialized technology services, we offer variety of other services for individuals and leisure groups, along with corporate businesses and MICE groups:

  • Group and individual Sightseeing Tours
  • Excursion and activities services
  • Accommodation booking
  • Flight Reservation
  • Transportation Services
  • Dining & Restaurant Reservations
  • Flight by helicopters and hot-air balloons
  • Private Yacht, Cruises, Safaris
  • Shopping Tours
  • VIP Services

Our Main Products

Utopian Trip develops software and travel technology solutions for all size travel and tourism service providers. The company offers travel reservation engines customized solutions (based on customers’ exact unique requirements and scale), and full-integration support while allowing customers to make an effective real-time booking process. Our company aims to empower travel service providers in the hospitality sector in order to carry out seamless and secure online reservation and transaction processes. We collaborate with our customers to deeply understand their requirements, innovate, and develop the fastest and easiest-to-use tech systems with zero defects while achieving optimal results.

The main two products of our company are the General Reservation System (GRS) and online travel reservation service known as online travel agency (OTA). The general reservation system is a complete and sophisticated cloud-based technology that enables travel sellers (travel management companies, hoteliers & airlines, car rental services, or other travel-related activities) to make faster and easier bookings. It contributes to the efficient management of all booking operations within the hotel industry, while also facilitating travel-related tasks for travel agents, online booking platforms, and large corporations. The system, by providing a broad geographical reach, creates value and expands market reach to customers not easily accessible through other means in a cost-efficient manner. One of the main advantages of this system is that it improves the efficiency and accessibility of the booking process.

Moreover, online travel reservation service provides an easy way for tourists around the world to plan and book a variety of travel segments, including accommodation, flights, transfer, excursions and more for group or individual travelers. Our online travel reservation system provides an unprecedented opportunity for hoteliers and owners of private accommodations to be seen, which will make them visible to tourists from all over the world. This system offers competitive rates for many types of hotel properties, from inns and small independent hotels to five-star luxury residences


  • Utopian Trip as a customer-centric business provides innovative and customized services with a wide range of basic packages as well as VIP premium services for all types of travelers.
  • We believe that combination of technology and customized service enhances client experiences and keeps business competitive. With our GRS technology we provide an integrated and seamless reservation system to OTAs, agents, Tour Operators, Aggregators and Hoteliers.
  • As one of the key players in this competitive market, along with our OTA and B2C reservation system, we also provide a B2B booking engine with seamless API direct connectivity for our customers to search real-time availability and prices with instant confirmation.
  • Our highly qualified team is available 24/7 and we have contingency plans in place in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • We have established enduring strategic partnerships with top hoteliers, airlines, transportation service providers and excursion suppliers, implementing quality guest service and creating a memorable travel experience for our guests.

Full Online Process for your Reservations

The rise of advanced technologies has been a breath of fresh air into the tourism and hospitality industry as one of the constantly evolving industries worldwide. It appears that traditional providers of hotel reservation systems have fallen behind in meeting the evolving needs of modern hoteliers.

As a technology development company working in the highly competitive hospitality industry, relying on confidence and cohesively team working together towards a common goal, our team does its best to achieve huge success for its stakeholders, creating unforgettable travel experiences; competitiveness and sustainability, traveler’s loyalty and the promotion of values associated with the hotel brand.

     Alealam Nujum Co. L.L.C , 904 Utopian Trip, Floor19, City Tower2,
     Dubai, UAE

     [email protected]

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